Latest Issue of Today’s Wireless World Magazine Highlights Wireless Solutions for Manufacturers

BearCom is out with the latest edition of Today’s Wireless World, our award-winning magazine that focuses on the latest innovations in wireless technology. This issue is all about solutions for manufacturers.

Available in digital and print formats, the Special Manufacturing Issue of Today’s Wireless World focuses on how manufacturers are using wireless technology to solve problems and increase productivity. It discusses how, with two-way radios, analog technology has given way to advanced digital systems, like the MOTOTRBO line from industry leader Motorola Solutions.

Today’s Wireless World provides a wealth of information on the ongoing improvements in wireless technology,” BearCom President & CEO Jerry Denham said in a news release announcing the new issue. “BearCom is especially pleased to publish this issue focusing on the manufacturing industry.”

The magazine’s lead article quotes Hugh Johnston, Product & Purchasing Manager at BearCom, as saying, “Motorola’s MOTOTRBO digital platform from BearCom offers the best of both worlds for the manufacturer, given that it is compatible with current analog technology and also has the capability to transition to a digital system as the needs of the manufacturer dictate.”

The article explores how MOTOTRBO digital two-way radios, which include the Motorola XPR6550 and Motorola XPR7550, can be deployed in any manufacturing setting to produce significant productivity gains. The magazine also includes a product guide, a success story, and an illustration depicting various applications of wireless technology throughout a manufacturing environment.

In a letter included in the magazine, Denham wrote that the MOTOTRBO system is so adaptable that it can be deployed in nearly any manufacturing environment. Denham said that adaptability comes from Motorola Solutions’ responsiveness to customer feedback, its industry-leading application development program, and its efforts in coordination with its strategic partners like BearCom. “We at BearCom have worked closely with Motorola to deliver the kind of devices and solutions that can make a real difference in a manufacturer’s bottom line, as well as the safety of its employees,” wrote Denham, who noted that BearCom is Motorola Solutions’ largest reseller and integrator worldwide.

Today’s Wireless World has previously focused on wireless technology users working in the events, federal government, education, healthcare, public safety, and construction industries. Past issues are available through the BearCom Resource Library, which also includes white papers, success stories, brochures, and videos. Check it out!

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